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LW Liftings was started by Lee Wood, a telehandler driver since 2012. In 2018, Lee formed LW Liftings to provide a range of construction site logistics.

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Lee would work on a range of commercial construction sites across the UK, and regularly witnessed a disjointed approach to site logistics. From deliveries being met with no telehandler to unload or an inadequate or complete lack of traffic management plan in place to deal with the steady stream of vehicles and scaffold. Lee often found, that where there were measures in place across telehandlers, traffic management, crane operations and other site logistics, they could often be out of step, with one area causing another a delay. Therefore, the site ultimately slowed and did not run as efficiently. This is where LW Liftings can improve a range of logistics on construction sites.

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Lee Wood, Founder
Founder of LW Liftings Ltd
Telehandler Driver since 2012
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Building Better

What Lee often saw was missing was a coordinated approach to construction site logistics. LW Liftings was created by Lee Wood to solve this very issue. LW Liftings takes a holistic approach to construction site logistics. Each operation, every delivery and every area of the site is dependent on another. Lee and his reliable team at LW Liftings can take the stress away from managing the complex nature of construction site logistics by coordinating these areas seamlessly.

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Your aim as a project or site manager is to deliver a project on time, on budget and safely. All of these elements depend on the site working as a unit, with, and not against each other. By utilising the services of LW Liftings, we will be able to help you achieve your goals of successful project delivery. Also, we can often save you money on traditional routes often used in the construction industry, such as agencies which can at times, prove unreliable and can be costly. LW Liftings will guarantee the reliability of the workforce, and we will save you money in the process.

You may choose to utilise just one service from LW Liftings, or you may select a whole range of construction site logistics. Whatever your requirements, contact Lee today to discuss your project, and we will develop a solution to help the successful delivery of your building project.

Explore the range of services on offer from LW Liftings and start building better.

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